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April 2014

There is no newsletter this month, but here is an update on our last meeting, and our April meeting on Tuesday the 8th.


Our March Club night was another of the famous “My history in HiFi” series. This month it was Craig’s turn.
Craig present a lively and entertaining evening with which included an interesting mix of discussion and music.
Almost all the club turned out which was great!
If you want to follow up with Craig regarding, any music played, please feel free to approach him at an up coming club night.

Putting an evening like this together is (to be honest) harder than it looks, so thanks Craig for a fun and entertaining evening.

That said, if you would like to present an evening of your favourite music with some interesting stories of your HiFi experiences, purchases, and motivations please talk to Craig.
We all know each other and most have been to similar evenings, so you know it will not be too formal.

As always if you have any new equipment, that you feel comfortable demonstrating also talk to Craig.
Other equipment will be provided and assistance with transport, and moving the equipment will be provided if you require it.



The April club night will be a look at Apple iTunes. Richard will demonstrate this free program. If you are dubious about the quality of music compression used we will be checking it out. iTunes can also be a fun way of researching new music, as an audio sample option is available – we will listen to a few samples.
We will also search the larges catalogue look for old and new favourites. Anyone one looking for Val Doonican?…..
Ideas for future purchases can be saved for latter review and if you wish, iTunes can offer suggestions of “similar” music that you may like.

It should be an interesting evening, and you may be left wishing a product like this was available for HiFi downloads, and perhaps it will one day.